TG 1800


Single-shaft shredder with blade for large productions.

Used for primary shredding of various materials: copper and aluminum cables, non-ferrous metals such as aluminum profiles, rubber and plastics, wood.

Hydraulic rotation of the rotor with possibility of variation in speed and therefore of the working force.

Hydraulic pusher, conveyor belt with magnetic separator, electric power supply on board, mounted on hooklift.

TG 1800


GENERATOR POWER CONSUMPTION: 380 V / 180 kW ROTOR: ø400, largeur 1.870 mm, 42 lames rotatives 60×60 + 22 lames fixes HOOKLIFT PLANE OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 7.200×2.490mm h=2.750mm GRID: Holes 30x30x30, 40x40x40, 50x50x50 ***TECHNICAL DATA NOT DEFINITIVE***


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